About Apostle Sam


Aposte Samuel Oyebola Olanrewaju is an itinerant minister with an apostolic mandate, vision, mission and passion to see people “stand perfect and complete in all the will of God” Colossians 4:12.

In his years of ministry, he has been actively involved in lecturing at several Bible Colleges, schools of ministry and Discipleship programs. 

His apostolic drive has taken him across states of the Nigerian federation; preaching and teaching “the fullness of the Gospel of Christ” with accompanying blessings across denominations, ministries and churches. 

His missionary trips has also taken him across the West, East and Central African countries of the Republic of Benin, Republic of Togo, Ethiopia, Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo Kinshasa and the Republic of Congo Brazzaville and as well European countries including England and Scotland in the United Kingdom.

He is a social worker and Humanitarian, a member board of trustee of Holistic Approach International, an internationally recognized NGO. He has a holistic as well as balanced perspective and approach to scriptural and real life issues.

He is the pioneer and Helmsman of Perfect Saints Ministries International and Saints Sanctuary Churches, with churches in Lagos, Nigeria and The Democratic Republic of Congo, Kinshasa.

He has a strong passion to fulfill God’s purpose for his life and he is seriously involved in helping others to live a fulfilled life on earth.